Campus Recreation and Wellness Fall 2021 Events

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Campus Recreation and Wellness Fall 2021 Event Lineup September 3rd: Dive In Movie Swim and watch a movie while having fun with friends. 10-17th: Suicide Prevention Week Ask Listen Refer contests, Umatter Pledge, Meditations, DIY Event, and more! 27-1: Domestic Violence Awareness Week Step Up Trainings, Safe Connections Speaker Event, YWCA Chats, and more! October 27-1: Mental Illness Awareness Week Contests, pottery painting, speaker events, meditations, and more! 11-15: Destress for Midterm Success Stress Free Coloring, Dog Therapy, yoga, and more! 25-27: The 'Boo' in 'Booze' Events Learn about alcohol while creating a useful tool. November 12th: World Kindness Day Find a HEAT Peer Educator spreading kindness and paying it forward for a prize. 19th: Trailmix & Gratitude Give thanks with a trail mix scavenger hunt. December 6-10: Destress with HEAT Stress free coloring, DIY event, meditations, hot chocolate, and more! We hope to see you at one of our upcoming events! For more information about these events p