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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

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10 ways to cut back on caffeine without turning into a zombie

Caffeine can be a wondrous tool for energy and focus, but drinking too much can cause jitters and anxiety. Think you need a break? Here are 10 ways to boost your energy while cutting back.

Why being “sober curious” is the latest self-care trend

Being sober curious means taking some time away from drinking to assess your relationship with alcohol—and how your life might be better without it. Click to learn more about this new self-care trend.

Creamy, nut-free pesto—for pasta, pizza, salad, or veggies

Need a plant-based, nut-free alternative to traditional Italian pesto sauce? Try this vegan take (dairy version included).

7 things to consider when choosing your major, minor, and electives

When choosing a major, do you follow your passions, your strengths, or the money? Use this guide to help you decide.

How to avoid the trap of your assumptions during a debate

When hashing out issues with someone from a different background, it can be hard not to get heated and make assumptions about that person. Here’s how to keep your cool during a debate.

Rack ‘n’ roll: Tips for conquering the squat rack

Strength training equipment at the gym can be intimidating if you've never used it before. This piece covers squat rack basics: what it is, how to set it up, and how to use it.

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